Are y’all Christmas Shopping yet

Have you finished your Christmas Shopping yet?

Oh don’t worry, we’re behind too

We know, it ain’t even Thanksgiving, but Some folks start their Christmas shopping right after the holidays and get some really great off season deals. But for whatever reason we always seem to be playin’ catch-up. Then again… There is somethin’ to shoppin’ during the holidays that seems to help get ya in the spirit. Sunday the 13’th Sheri’s gonna be at the Pot Belly Stove Galleria to help y’all find somethin’ for that special someone on your list. In fact she’s bringin’ some surprises with her that y’all are gonna just love.

Christmas shopping is all about gettin’ ┬áthe best surprises

Your family and friends all have special personalities and you know the things that will make them smile or well up… And really that’s what you’re goin’ for right? Sure they’ll love a new throw or set of jammies, but what about a one of a kind, super soft, custom knit afghan in their favorite colors? Or maybe a hand made apron that’s just the right size and color? Makin’ it special is what it’s all about. Shoot! Some of the best gifts we ever got didn’t cost hardly anything, but the person givin’ it knew just what would do it. That’s why its so important to go Christmas shopping in the right frame of mind.

Sheri’s got some new Christmas shopping surprises in store for you

We just got in a HAUL from Auntie Dianne that y’all are not gonna believe with your own eyes. If y’all head up to the shop Not only will Sheri have have her extraordinary designs, there’s gonna be some stuff we’re just not gonna offer online. Here’s a taste:

  • Vintage Hummel needlework craft kits

  • Christmas cross stitch and ornament craft kits

  • DIY Craft supplies

  • Vintage Shulton Company soap on a roap

  • Of course there’s more.

Here’s some more for your Christmas shopping if y’all can’t make it to the shop

Sure, we know, y’all got plans or are out of town. Not to worry, we got ya covered. There’s plenty of gifts in the shop and plenty more comin’ every day so y’all got to keep checkin’ back daily. Here’s some of Sheri’s favorites