Make Thanksgiving special however you can

Make your Thanksgiving special

Next week is Thanksgiving and we wanted to do a Thanksgiving special post

It’s this time of year when the holidays kick into full gear and we rocket from the middle of November straight into the new year. And gee whiz if it don’t seem to go faster every year. This year we wanted to do a Thanksgiving special post and look back on our past couple years as your favorite specialty design and gift shop with southern flair and point out a few of our past blog posts y’all might not have seen.

Thanksgiving special: Get ya somethin’ to yeat

now y’all know we post recipes when we get the notion or make somethin’ super tasty. There are quite a few very specific to Thanksgiving. So here’s our favorites.


Now ya’ll can have mac & cheese as a side, or a meal for any day of the week, but to make  Thanksgiving special, Granny’s is an unforgettable, easy to make and could even make up for a dry turkey.


It’s okay if ya’ll ain’t a whiz in the kitchen darlin’. It’s really all about showmanship anyway.  If there’s any fear in your heart that you might get assigned somethin’ outside your comfort zone, pipe up right away and volunteer to make the green bean casserole. It’s as easy as openin’ a few cans and you can look like a pro chef pullin’ it off at the same time.


There’s lots of different styles to dressing or stuffing a turkey to make your Thanksgiving special. Nothin’ reminds us more of Thanksgiving at home than Auntie’s dressing. Not too dry not overpowering, it’s just right.


Some folks do dinner rolls, but why not biscuits? They’re just the right amount of bread to soak up that extra gravy (or make a tiny leftover turkey sandwich after everybody goes home).


If you volunteered to make the green bean casserole, you might want to skip this one. It’s not super difficult, but you’ll wanna have some basic baking skills and tools to pull this one off.

Thanksgiving special traditions

Plenty of folks love to go shopping to get themselves in the mood, others love to decorate to make their spirit bright. We love to kick up our wordrobe a bit and show out our favorite fall and winter style.

No matter what your traditions are, whether you’re home with family or all alone taking a special trip try and find a way to make your Thanksgiving special this year and every year. <3