One of a kind gifts

One of a kind My Little Pony blanket with crochet trim

You know what’s really one of a kind? You!

Of course you are! You’re the only you there is, and that makes you a real one of a kind.  In fact every special person in your life is one of a kind and that makes all y’all real special. Sure we hear people say ‘unique’ all the time, but somehow that word’s lost it’s meaning.  We’ve been thinkin’ here lately about lots of new products for the shop for y’all.  Things for Autumn and things for the holidays mostly, even though we’re havin’ a heat wave here in New Jersey right now. Anyway we love to visit shops that spark our creative spirit, really deeply look at designs and patterns online that we can add a one of a kind southern flair to and we noticed a big difference between ‘unique’, ‘novel’ and down right one of a kind.

Unique and novel are good things

Designers and big stores come out with new and different things all the time.  Some folks wear or decorate with the same thing year after year, season after season, and that’s great for them, but lots of us are creative and love to explore too. That’s why we all love really new and different things.

But One of a kind… That’s somethin’ special

No two snowflakes are alike, but does it matter during a blizzard? That’s why one of the biggest deals about Over Yonder Shop is that we take ‘one of a kind’ pretty seriously.  When we find something we love to make, we might do it in a few in different colors or patterns… Like our shirt sleeve bottle bags, or utility aprons.  And when we find a fabric that we love so much and want to use a lot of it we might make a couple dozen  things like our super cute bandannas.  Those are what we’d call unique or novel. We love ’em, we use ’em and we love makin’ and sellin’ ’em.

But the real special stuff are our one of a kind things like our hand crochet or knit custom order afghans, or the very special scarves, shawls, shrugs and wraps in the shop right now.

But wait it’s one of a kind, we sold it, and you really want one?

It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. When we’re not busy flittin’ around to the Pot Belly Stove to refresh and redecorate, or visitin’ new places for fresh ideas, or makin’ all sorts of new things, we have, on occasion, taken a custom order, to remake somethin’ special that’s been sold out.  We’re pleased as punch to take your call, or get your email, and we’re tickled pink to make you somethin’ special.

Now, here’s the rub. Nine times out of ten, it’s not even possible to make the same exact piece (which actually works out great for you, on account of you wouldn’t want to try and be exactly the same as anyone else anyway). A lot of the fabrics we use are re-claimed and re-purposed. A lot of the yarn we use may be small lots or a bargain that we only found a couple skeins of, and that’s what makes the originals one of a kind anyway.  So what we offer to folks, is to ask for a specific color, or style, and give us some room to be creative. Y’all also gotta figure, that it takes a little extra time, to go hunt down special materials just for your custom order, so it might take a little extra time, and cost a little more than the original.

The last thing to figure, is that if you’re askin’ for somethin’ to be made just for you, that we really can’t compete on price, since there’s nothin’ else like it.  The best we can do is figure the cost of our time for the work that goes into makin’ it and the cost of the raw materials. We don’t have a huge overhead to cover, so what y’all are gettin’ is the best price we can possibly do for any given item anyhow.

We’re doin’ our best to enjoy a lazy summer

If y’all are passin’ through Lafayette, NJ on your vacation day trips pop by the Pot Belly Stove Galleria and take a look at all the neat stuff in our space, and tell Donna we told ya’ to say Hey Y’all.  If y’all are out at the lake (and those of you that read the blog on the regular know which one we mean) get out there to Aurora and visit Su at the Hitching Post , our friends at Shop – O – Rama and the Twin lakes antique mall. Tell them we told y’all to stop in.  And say hey for us okay?