Ho Ho Ho ~ Happy Leon Day! Get ahead of the game

Christmas Shopping an original cartoon by Alexander Scilingo (also great for LEON Day)

What in the world is Leon Day

For those of you that already know what Leon day is, don’t spoil it for your friends.  Send ’em a link to this post so they can find out for themselves (It’ll likely earn you a bigger Christmas present wink).

We’re gonna take the scenic route in explanation here on account of it bein’ so hot outside and we just came in to cool off for a spell. So, fetch a glass of sweet tea, and take a load off while you find out what’s worth celebratin’ on June 25th

The secret’s in the picture

Okay, maybe it ain’t a secret.  Leon day (June 25th) is exactly 6 months away from Christmas and a lot of folks don’t pay it any mind. Honestly, when you’re out on summer vacation, floating in the pool with your lemonade or iced tea, or visiting a beautiful resort, jingle bells and snow are probably the last things on your mind.

But think of it, summer vacation is some of the best times to shop

Picture it, you’re out on your vacation travels and you pop into a local shop (like the Pot Belly Stove Galleria) and you see something that reminds you of your BFF! Of course you should buy it!!! Get it right then and there and tuck it away.  One gift off your list, easy peasy. Plus, starting now gives you six whole months to come up with ideas that may take a little longer.

Naw, Leon day is no big special official event

There’s really no big celebration for Leon Day, no parades or anything like that. It really is more or less a reminder to you (and us) to kick it into gear now, so that we don’t get caught behind around the seasonal holidays.  We’ve talked a bunch about how it feels like once the kids start back at school its a mad dash to New Years.  And gift shopping just adds to the chaos. Y’all got enough cooking and decorating to do, why add to the stress? Think of it, by starting now, not only do you have time to come up with a great idea BUT also, there’s plenty of time for special orders or custom gifts that you wouldn’t otherwise have time for.  How great is that!?

Okay you get it… So why LEON?

If you’re a crossword person or love anagrams, y’all already put two and two together and know what Leon day is. But for the rest of us, well, let’s just say we needed a little help. So, here’s the big punchline LEON is NOEL spelled backwards! Corny right? Maybe so, but it did give a minute to think that we ought to be fixin’ to make some great new Fall and Winter gifts for the shop that y’all are just gonna fall in love with.  Whether you visit us in person at the Pot Belly Stove Galleria in Lafayette NJ, or buy from our store here online, you’ll never be disappointed.

Wait, ya mean we missed Leon day?

Don’t sweat it, you missed an insignificant non-holiday, it’s still safe to celebrate Christmas in July or August. Remember it’s the the thought that counts.

You need some ideas?

No problemo! We love gift guides and when it’s so hot outside, its oddly satisfying to sit and think cold weather thoughts.

So here’s our top five Leon day gift ideas for six months from now


5 How many parties do you think you’ll be a guest at between Thanksgiving and New Years?

Chances are you’ll either need some a cute little host or hostess gifts OR you’ll be asked to bring a little somethin’ to the party.  We’ve got ya’ll covered, or should we say in the bag. 

4 Are you shopping for a bookworm?

Some of our favorite people are avid readers. They just always seem to have their nose in a book.  Ya’ll can just picture them from November to February wrapped up in the afghan that’s usually draped over the back of their sofa.  Maybe you can get them a new one.

3 Give your fashionista friends a reason to be seen

Custom one of a kind hand made accessories make excellent gifts.  Can’t find something that matches their personality exactly?  Let us know and we may be able to customize your order.

2 Do you have a cook or gardener in your life?

Being covered in dirt or flour may be a sign of one’s passion, but how much do you think they’d love a one of a kind apron that really made them FEEL like a professional when they’re doing what they enjoy.

1 Don’t forget the kids

Little people are often not forgotten, but when you’re out shopping for your besties, just remember the kids are important too.