Happy Independence Day Y’all

independence day 4th of july

We’ve been takin’ spring and summer a little easy for a bit, if y’all haven’t noticed the absence of posts in the blog over the last month.  We did want to pop in real quick before the cookouts and parades to wish all y’all a Happy Independence Day on the actual 4th of July.

Independence day is a pretty big deal

Not to get to deep on y’all but, back in 1776 people were pretty ticked off about how the country was being run. Things apparently haven’t changed much in 200+ years.  Rather than tryin’ to talk things over, they went and fought city hall!  If y’all haven’t read it, the Declaration of Independence isn’t really a long read. It’s only a couple pages, but it really shows how fed up people were.  Since then we’ve not only worked really hard to keep the USA our very own but we’ve also worked really hard to make the whole world a better place.  Some folks might not agree with the approach. Sure we squabble over individual liberties (speech, religion, taxes, and on) but on the whole, these are good things for people to debate. Its what our forefathers were so up in arms over, and we should continue to re-check every day… The world ain’t the same place it was in 1776 and we should challenge whether all those ideas that they had then continue to fit in the modern world.

Preach much?! It’s independence day have a hot dog!

Okay okay, it’s hard not to get a little teary eyed when you’re talkin’ about the history of our country. Celebrating how brave our forefathers were and how brave our families and friends have been for continuing to defend the rights and liberties we won in 1776. But thanks to them, we can drink a beer, eat a hot dog, swim in the pool, and enjoy the parades and fireworks of Independence Day.

Summer’s just started so enjoy it while it lasts

Since the weather’s great and the kids are out of school its when most folks go on vacation.  But remember, the cold months are not all that far away. Like it or not, “winter is coming”.  Now there’s likely nothing even remotely Christmas-y on the shelves (good!) but how great is it when you’re in a shop and see something that reminds you of a friend or relative. Go check out the shop and think about Christmas now you’ll be glad you did.