Fall is on it’s way y’all! Autumn colors are on their way

Decorate for fall, winter or any season with a wreath

Fall is a beautiful season

Don’t you go rollin’ those eyes at us. We’re not lettin’ fall sneak up on us this year like it did last year. Nope, Fall is about a month away and we’re about ready.  We’ve got a few new products started for the shop and we’re fixin’ to decorate the house and our spot at the Pot Belly Stove Galleria. Check out what we got goin’ on.

The Pot Belly Stove Galleria is almost a year old

Yep, we started working with Donna at at the Pot Belly Stove Galleria just about a year ago and we’ve had so much fun along the way. We can’t think of another store like it, and honestly, y’all have got to see it for yourselves on account of it being so special. We’ve worked all year long to find out the kinds of things that work best, and we’ve had so much fun meeting so many fans when we’ve had the chance to spend time there. If y’all are starting your holiday shopping, or maybe need a special somethin’ for a special someone while y’all are in New Jersey, head over to Lafayette and say Hey Y’all to Donna.  She’ll fix ya up.

Sheri’s been workin’ her little fingers sore

Sheri loves every stitch. New and special gifts take time to come up with and build. Here’s a couple for-instances you’ll find in the shop soon

when y'all are decoratin' the baby's room for fall or winter, this one of a kind larks foot stitch will really make an impact
A unique larks foot stitch for a one of a kind baby blanket. Good for keepin’ baby warm and cozy on a cool autumn night.  Equally as beautiful hung over the back of the rocker or crib side to decorate the nursery.


how better to celebrate spring, winter or fall with this one of a kind short sleeve shrug
A unique short sleeve shrug with one of a kind dragonfly stitching would be perfect for a fall evening on the town. The dragonflies change color with this ultra soft acrylic yarn.

Keep an eye out in the shop for special one of a kind items like these and get ’em before they’re gone forever.

Sure as shootin’ we’ll write more about the fall season

Fall ain’t just a change in season, or temperature, there’s just so much goin’ on after Labor Day, the kids are back to school, the days start gettin’ chilly and we do bonfires and pumpkin pickin’, cider, and it’s a flat out race to new year’s. But we like to write about it along the way and share our special memories, fall and holiday recipes, and things we learn with all y’all.

Till then take a look around the shop

If y’all missed it we’ve got plenty of unique and interesting gifts in the shop here online that are too cute to pass up. Here are some of our fall favorites.