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Make your Thanksgiving special

Make Thanksgiving special however you can

Next week is Thanksgiving and we wanted to do a Thanksgiving special post It’s this time of year when the holidays kick into full gear and we rocket from the middle of November straight into the new year. And gee whiz if it don’t seem to go faster every year. This year we wanted to do a Thanksgiving special post and look back on our […]

Recipe box for your biscuits or Auntie's corn bread or Grannies Mac & Cheese recipe

Almost Granny’s Mac & Cheese

Granny’s Mac & Cheese was a huge family favorite Whether it was for the holidays when we had a house full of guests to feed, or a school night when we were all rushing to practice or recital or workin’,  Granny could whip up a mac & cheese that everybody had time for and nobody could ever get enough of.  We never did have much […]

Everybody loves how a dress shirt apron looks, feels and fits especially at a cookout

Party food recipes for cookout season

Cookout season is here y’all, check out our favorite southern party food recipes Hey y’all! There’s tons of parties comin’ up and when the weather is great, everybody seems to want to have a cookout.  We have a couple go-to recipes for cookout season that are gonna knock everybody’s socks off and make you the star of the show.  So fetch your apron and your recipe […]

Gram's oatmeal raisin cookies recipe

Gram’s oatmeal raisin cookies

Time to make Gram’s oatmeal raisin cookies It may be spring, but its still cold out. Our friends at the National Weather Service reckon its gonna be for at least a few more weeks too. We were makin’ a fresh batch of aprons this past week and well, we got inspired to go back through our recipe box and share somethin’ new (in this case very […]

Eating Irish soda bread and wearing a lucky clover on Saint Patric's day?

Mom’s un-traditional Irish Soda Bread

Do you wanna make Irish soda bread for Saint Patrick’s Day? We’ll we do. We love Irish soda bread even with Mom’s non-traditional twist… We’ll get to that part in a minute.  But first, get your recipe box and print this one out because y’all are gonna wanna keep this one handy. Then, grab your favorite apron and roll up your sleeves and we’ll get […]

Christmas traditions aren't complete without an apron to cook in

Southern Christmas traditions

Maybe our southern Christmas traditions aren’t so southern after all For the most part, our southern Christmas traditions aren’t all that different from many other places.  We go visit relatives, decorate the house, have parties and exchange gifts, but there are some things we do that are special to us.  What are your family’s favorite Christmas traditions? These are our favorite southern Christmas traditions.  What are […]

southern chess pie and chocolate chess pie ready for the eating

Proper southern chess pie

We’re not surprised if y’all have never heard of chess pie Hey y’all! Chess pie is a delicious and very southern pie that only sometimes gets a mention in the list of top twenty eight pies or five super easy pies you have to make for the holidays.  It is one of the most wonderful desserts ever and you probably already have all the ingredients. Get your […]

Our Easy Spaghetti Squash

Budget Friendly Spaghetti Squash Just like any other busy family, we like easy meals. We also like inexpensive. For less than the price of one Fast Food Combo Meal, you can feed a family of 4 a healthy dinner they might actually ask for again. Here’s an easy Spaghetti Squash Recipe we use that even our picky eater loves! Here’s what you’ll need: 1 Spaghetti […]

Granny Smith Apples for Cobbler

Grilled apple cobbler?

We still haven’t given up on the out doors and are doing our best to take advantage of the great weather we’ve been having.  A few weeks ago we went apple picking sporting our new fall fashions at Masker’s Orchard and we came home with some great picks.  This week we took the four granny smith apples we picked and made a cobbler on the grill. […]

Maple Leaf

Monday’s Thanksgiving Y’all

Not here in America silly! Monday’s Canadian Thanksgiving.  Yep, our neighbors to the north have very similar traditions and in this post, we wanted to make sure to recognize their pastime of celebrating Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October.  Now if you know any Canadians, here’s all the lowdown on their holiday, just so you know what’s going on. Believe it or not Canada started […]