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Make your Thanksgiving special

Make Thanksgiving special however you can

Next week is Thanksgiving and we wanted to do a Thanksgiving special post It’s this time of year when the holidays kick into full gear and we rocket from the middle of November straight into the new year. And gee whiz if it don’t seem to go faster every year. This year we wanted to do a Thanksgiving special post and look back on our […]

Have you finished your Christmas Shopping yet?

Are y’all Christmas Shopping yet

Oh don’t worry, we’re behind too We know, it ain’t even Thanksgiving, but Some folks start their Christmas shopping right after the holidays and get some really great off season deals. But for whatever reason we always seem to be playin’ catch-up. Then again… There is somethin’ to shoppin’ during the holidays that seems to help get ya in the spirit. Sunday the 13’th Sheri’s […]

Recipe box for your biscuits or Auntie's corn bread or Grannies Mac & Cheese recipe

Almost Granny’s Mac & Cheese

Granny’s Mac & Cheese was a huge family favorite Whether it was for the holidays when we had a house full of guests to feed, or a school night when we were all rushing to practice or recital or workin’,  Granny could whip up a mac & cheese that everybody had time for and nobody could ever get enough of.  We never did have much […]

Decorate for fall, winter or any season with a wreath

Fall is on it’s way y’all! Autumn colors are on their way

Fall is a beautiful season Don’t you go rollin’ those eyes at us. We’re not lettin’ fall sneak up on us this year like it did last year. Nope, Fall is about a month away and we’re about ready.  We’ve got a few new products started for the shop and we’re fixin’ to decorate the house and our spot at the Pot Belly Stove Galleria. […]

Christmas Shopping an original cartoon by Alexander Scilingo (also great for LEON Day)

Ho Ho Ho ~ Happy Leon Day! Get ahead of the game

What in the world is Leon Day For those of you that already know what Leon day is, don’t spoil it for your friends.  Send ’em a link to this post so they can find out for themselves (It’ll likely earn you a bigger Christmas present wink). We’re gonna take the scenic route in explanation here on account of it bein’ so hot outside and we […]

One of a kind My Little Pony blanket with crochet trim

One of a kind gifts

You know what’s really one of a kind? You! Of course you are! You’re the only you there is, and that makes you a real one of a kind.  In fact every special person in your life is one of a kind and that makes all y’all real special. Sure we hear people say ‘unique’ all the time, but somehow that word’s lost it’s meaning. […]

independence day 4th of july

Happy Independence Day Y’all

We’ve been takin’ spring and summer a little easy for a bit, if y’all haven’t noticed the absence of posts in the blog over the last month.  We did want to pop in real quick before the cookouts and parades to wish all y’all a Happy Independence Day on the actual 4th of July. Independence day is a pretty big deal Not to get to […]

custom granny afghan makes a great graduation gift

Happy Graduation Y’all!

We came up with a great way to celebrate Graduation – Vacation! It’s almost summer time and our eighth grader is movin’ on from middle school to high school. When we were fiddlin’ around with ideas for how to give him a great celebration, he came up with, vacation! He’s a pretty smart cookie. Normally we go and visit Mom an’ ’em for vacation We […]

How to celebrate Father's Day

Father’s day is less than a month away

Are you all set for Father’s day Father’s day is June 19th.  Boy spring went quicker than gas through a funnel didn’t it? Summer’s almost here and what better way to kick it off than with Father’s day. Spring is so full of activity it’s easy to let Father’s day creep up on you. Fortunately we’re here to help.  If Dad’s a gardener, a cook […]

Over Yonder on Spring Break - making new friends and getting the best customer service ever shop small

Customer service comes first

Awesome customer service is hard to come by these days Good customer service is really out there.  Especially when you shop small and shop local.  Small business owners love what they do, and they want you to also.  They will often go miles out of the way to make your experience the best. A lot of folks think customer service means handling problems Sure, there’s that […]